Training and Certification

Eyelash Extensions are individual, synthetic extensions bonded one by one to each existing natural lash to create a longer, thicker more dramatic look. Unlike traditional false eyelashes, which are adhered to the skin as a single strip and last only a couple of days, extension can last up to 8 weeks! The application of eyelash extensions is a  very meticulous procedure requiring patience and specialized training. This new skill will provide a profitable tool needed to  add value to your business and continue to grow your client list. Beau Ideal House of Beauty’s eyelash extension training course is an intense eight-hour course that will educate you on the important aspects of properly applying eyelash extensions.

State Regulations:                                                                                                                       State licensing requirements for the application of eyelash extensions may vary from state to state. It is important that you research the requirements for your specific state and comply with all laws regarding the application of eyelash extensions.  Since eyelash extensions are still considered new to the United States, you may not find a specific reference to “lash extensions” or “eyelash extensions” written exactly in the statute codes. However, some states may provide a definition that would include eyelash extensions, such as, “applying eyelashes to a person”. Upon contacting the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology we have found that ONLY a LICENSED AESTHETICIAN OR LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST is regulated to apply eyelash extensions. So if you live in this great state, we have done the work for you.

Our Regulations:                                                                                                                            For eligibility to attend a Beau Ideal House of Beauty Training Course you must submit to us , in advanced, proof of license as required by your state or of current attendance of formal training. When licensing is not required you must submit proof of that statement. State licensing requirements may vary, but the use of eyelash extension products are for Professionals Only. Licensed Aestheticians, Cosmotologists and/or authorized medical professionals interested in learning this technique are encouraged to apply.

Our Specialists:                                                                                                                               Beau Ideal House of Beauty is composed of trained estheticians and cosmotologists that will instruct efficiently the most effective eyelash extension application techniques. Our Certified Specialists participate in initial and ongoing training programs  to polish their technical and instructing skills which help ensure you receive the most ideal training available.

What is Covered:                                                                                                                          An Ideal combination of practical application and theory, this extensive training covers everything from application techniques, procedural practice, product knowledge, sealing, removal, after care for extensions, safety, and the do’s and don’ts  of this procedure.   The practical portion of the course, consists of supervised training with a Beau Ideal House of Beauty Specialist. Upon successful completion of the model demonstrations,  students will receive a Beau Ideal House of Beauty Training Certificate. You must successfully complete the course by demonstrating in class and outside of class , that you understand all concepts and demonstrate technique safely.

Course Pricing:                                                                                                                               For eligibility to attend a Beau Ideal House of Beauty Training Course you must submit to us , in advanced, proof of license as required by your state or of current attendance of formal training. When licensing is not required you must submit proof of that statement or of current attendance of formal training. All courses listed below are 1 day 8 hour courses. Please be prepared to stay in attendance the entire time.

Group Course:                                                                                                                                The group training course is our most popularly attended instructional session. The standard setting at Beau Ideal House of Beauty is a low trainee to Specialist ratio. This ensures that you will receive our full and undivided attention which results in the highest quality of training provided The cost of this course is $750 per person. This does not include a kit.

Private Individuals Course:                                                                                                      For an exceptional training experience, A private training course with a Certified Specialist is the most valuable form of instruction offered. This course allows the attendee to work more interactively and at their own pace with one our expert specialist. We will tailor the training specifically to meet and exceed your needs. The cost for this course is $950 per person. This does not include kit.

On-Location Course:                                                                                                                    Training for your salon or spa is also available.This is an option designed for friends or business partners to learn a new and exciting ability together. Beau Ideal House of Beauty Specialists will travel to your location for additional fees. You must have 4 or more attendees that will be training at your facility. The course fee is $800 per trainee, this does not include a kit. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We are a team of specialists that work together to provide excellent customer service to our clients. Please use us as a continual resource to utilize, working toward your  business.

Product Discount:                                                                                                                           As a complimentary bonus you will receive a 20% discount on any orders you make during the training course. Your Specialist will consult with you and recommend retail product inventory according to the size of your business. Please take advantage of this opportunity to purchase retail products, eye lash extensions, application supplies, or marketing materials.

Professional Kits Offered:                                                                                                         We recommend you purchase a kit with your training course. However, unlike majority of our competition WE DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO PURCHASE A KIT to take our certification course. If you already have the materials feel free to bring them, or simply use ours. You may decide after taking the training course that you prefer not to perform this  service. Having this option minimizes your investment that you would not recover by not offering this service.

Mini Kit:          $155                                                                                                                         Professional Adhesive 5g
Professional Gel Remover
8mm x .15mm C-Curl loose lashes
10mm x .15mm C-Curl loose lashes
12mm x .15mm C-Curl loose lashes                                                                                                                         Paper Tape                                                                                                                                             One mini tray of 0.15 C curl 9,10,11,12                                                                                            Blower                                                                                                                                                Silicone Pad                                                                                                                                    Tweezers Set (s-type, x-type, straight)                                                                                              Lint Free Gel Pads 5

Ideal Kit:        $395                                                                                                                           Professional Adhesive 10g
Professional Gel Remover                                                                                                              Lash Primer
8mm x .18mm C-Curl loose lashes
10mm x .18mm C-Curl loose lashes
12mm x .18mm C-Curl loose lashes
8mm x .15mm C-Curl loose lashes
10mm x .15mm C-Curl loose lashes                                                                                                                     12mm x .15mm C-Curl loose lashes                                                                                                 14mm x .15mm C-Curl loose lashes                                                                                                   O.15 B-Curl Full SizeTray of 8,10,12,14                                                                                                               O.12 C-Curl Full Size Tray of 8,10,12,14                                                                                                            NanoMister                                                                                                                                     Silicone Pad                                                                                                                                           Jade Stone                                                                                                                                       Tweezers Set (s-type, x-type, straight)                                                                                                       Lint Free Gel Pads 10                                                                                                                                                                                     Paper Tape                                                                                                                            Microbrushes

Certification in your acquired field of expertise will always add value to your business. Upon completion of the eyelash extension training course you will be awarded certification of training from Beau Ideal House of Beauty to display at your place of business. Once you have gone through our training course, you may attend another course, of the same level purchased, for a significantly discounted fee at any time . This commitment is made to our professionals so that you stay on the forefront of your techniques and your clients can be confident that you are among the finest trained and most up-to-date Eyelash Extension Professionals in the business.

Refund Policy:                                                                                                                              Beau Ideal House of Beauty prohibits the sale and/or use of any and all of its products to individuals who have not successfully completed a Beau Ideal House of Beauty Training Course. Therefore no monies will be refunded for training, regardless of circumstances unless and until all products purchased are returned.

Should you fail to give us notice of cancellation more than seven (7) days prior to your  training date, Beau Ideal House of Beauty will retain 50% of the total fee collected. If you cancel your scheduled training within one (1) to seven (7) days prior to your training date, we will not refund any of the training fees. If you do not reschedule more than seven (7) days prior to a training date, it will be considered a cancellation. You may not reschedule within one (1) to seven (7) days prior to your scheduled training date.  If you do not attend your scheduled training course and have not rescheduled you will be considered a no-show and no portion of your fees for training will be refunded.

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