Lashes that you desire.

Skin, healthy and glowing.

Products to achieve your best results.

Personalized beauty to suit all your needs.

Definition: beau ideal– origin 1795 – 1805; <F beau ideal lit. 

1. The concept of perfect beauty.

Philosophy: Our goal is to provide the highest level of cosmetic aesthetic services, client care and professional advice. We carefully select scientifically advanced products AND promise to maintain a current level of education to always keep you informed about the latest advancements in skin care and aesthetic beauty. We pride ourselves on a casual and relaxed atmosphere who’s focus is on you and the effectiveness of our treatments.  We know you work hard and we want you to leave feeling rewarded, refreshed and relaxed. You deserve perfect beauty inside and out.

323-369-6904 : L.A Location

INSIDE THE CONNELL BUILDING: 714 S Los Angeles St #203, Los Angeles, CA 90014

650-741-LASH : Miami Location

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